Industry Partners and Sponsorships. Conceptua Math has built relationships with leaders in the education industry who share our dedication to creating great instructional outcomes. Together, we are delivering a solution that is secure, reliable and validated across the industry.

Clever Edmodo Smart Technologies
MetaMetrics TextHelp AMTE
Digital Promise - Accelerating Innovation in Education


CleverOur partnership with Clever allows us to seamlessly integrate district student information systems (SIS) data with Conceptua Math, while maintaining our FERPA-compliance. 


Our partnership with TextHELP allows us to provide the highest quality text-to-speech to enable our instructions and feedback to be read aloud to students, as well as highlighted word-by-word.


Conceptua Math has worked with Metametrics to add Quantile® measures to our fractions lessons. In doing so, we are providing teachers with important information about the difficulty of particular skills and concepts so that they can best connect students with instructional exercises at an appropriate readiness level.


Conceptua Math is a proud sponsor of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), the largest professional organization devoted to the improvement of mathematics teacher education. AMTE includes over 1000 members devoted to the preservice education and professional development of K-12 teachers of mathematics.


Conceptua Math is pleased to be partnering with SMART Technologies, the leader in interactive whiteboards for education. Conceptua is a content partner for "SMART amp," the new collaborative learning software that connects classrooms to Web-based learning materials regardless of location or device.


Conceptua Math has partnered with Edmodo to make our breakthrough math solution available to teachers at affordable prices. Edmodo, the world's largest social learning platform for teachers, students, and parents, has over 32 million users. In addition to their social and recommendation features, Edmodo helps teachers locate and purchase high-quality resources through the Edmodo store.

digital promise

Conceptua Math is proud to have been a sponsor of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools Spring 2014 Meeting. The League of Innovative Schools is a national coalition of over 40 school districts in 24 states collaborating to transform teaching and learning through technology, with the goal of improving student achievement.


The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) is a mathematics leadership organization for educational leaders that provides professional learning opportunities necessary to support and sustain improved student achievement. Conceptua Math is currently a sponsor of NCSM's Digital Learning Initiative. Conceptua is also proud to have been a sponsor of NCSM's 2014 Annual Meeting. 

1-to-1 Conference

Conceptua Math is proud to have been a sponsor of the International 1:1 Computing Conference. This conference acts as a nexus where 1:1 education leaders can share challenges and successes, learn from colleagues, make meaningful long-term connections, and set a path to transform their practice.